CBD infused lipbalm

lip balms

These CBD infused lipbalm were actually my first ever project, they were actually for my other business Hannabis – CBD Movement LTD but they were still a great project to start on. 

So much research, as well as trail & error went into these lip balms, because to be completely honest I had never made anything like this before but thought it would be a good place to start. All I knew is that I wanted to keep the ingredients all natural & provide a healing lipbalm as Hannabis’ first ever product.

But four CBD infused lip balms were born! Read more about the research that went into them by clicking below.



Hand lotion

This all natural, eco friendly, vegan friendly hand lotion was my first project through ‘Potions N Lotions’.

I was absolutely honoured to formulate this product for a local nail tech who has recently opened her own salon & would like to stock her line of products. 

It was a little challenging to formulate something that soaked into the skin without leaving a greasy residue but at the same time not watering down any of the ingredients in the product to make sure the full benefits of each was being recieved. 

But we had great feedback on this from the very first tester being recieved by the client! Read more about why I chose the ingredients I did below. 

hand lotions

CBD infused shampoo bar

shampoo bar

This has been by far my favourite product out of them all! Everytime I see another result from this particular shampoo bar it makes my soul happy. 

It has been nicknamed the bar of magic because everyone falls completely in love with it & 99% of people never turn back to regular shampoo. 

The blend of oils used in this bar smell absolutely incredible too. Would you find it weird if I said I quite often just sit smelling it?

Read more about the benefits of this shampoo bar by clicking below.

Cuticle oil

I was also asked to formulate a cuticle oil to go along with the hand lotion for the nail tech client. Now nails are not really my thing, I am so rubbish at looking after mine. But after some research I managed to pull something together & created an all natural, eco-friendly, organic, vegan friendly cuticle oil.

The client was also super happy with it from the very first tester & it matches the hand lotion perfectly. 

Read some more details on this project below.

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CBD infused clay mask

face mask

I personally love a face mask & of course I also love CBD so when we decided to create a CBD face mask for Hannabis, I was super excited! It isn’t a product I had seen on the UK market before.

This project was also a massive learning curve & has definitely prepared me for many more projects to come in the furture when it comes to cosmetic assessments. 

If you want to find out what was so challenging then click to read more below.

Eye cream

This is the first eye cream I have ever developed & the client is also i the crystal industry who wanted to add a Jade crystal to the finished product when it reached her, fir those extra healing properties. 

Because of Jade’s colour I decided that the eye cream would look awesome if it was green which would also enable me to use Matcha Powder which is packed full of caffeine & tannins, which shrink blood vessels
around the eyes, making it a miracle for treating puffy eyes.

As well as using coffee oil, if this eye cream doesn’t wake your eyes up, nothing will!

Read more by clicking the button below.


eye cream

CBD infused hair mask

hair mask

I have been wanting to create a hair mask for awhile, especially a CBD one, obviously! Although this one is not actually for my own CBD company but for someone else within the industry.

You see it doesn’t worry me creating CBD products for competitors, my main concern in that side of my business is to provide people with top quality products, so I would happily make products for every CBD company in the world. Competition or not!

Read more about this formulation by clicking the button belown

CBD infused skin reviving face base

This skin reviving face base is a never seen before product! It doubles up as an exfolianting face scrub or acting as a base like a primer would for make-up. 

It comes with a pow & wakes your skin up ready for the day as it is infused with caffeine, grapefruit & peppermint, as well as CBD, making this an ultra soothing product, as I am sure you will see from the results picture when you click ‘read more’ to find out some more information. 

skin reviving face base

Gentle face scrub

face scrub

I was asked by a client to create a facial scrub, I wasn’t given much details of what they wanted the properties of the scrub to be & I was told to just work my magic. 

I wanted to create something that was nourishing & didn’t drain the mositure from the skin like most other face washes, but I also wanted to make sure that it was gentle on the skin so it didn’t cause any damage from the exfoliating. 

To find out more about this particular product, please click ‘read more’.

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