Full Moon

Tonight marks the first full moon of 2020! This year we actually have 13 full moons because we have Samhain moon which is on Halloween this year, which is pretty cool!

We are going to share some tips & tricks with you as to how you can make the most of the full moons energies, as well as sharing our full moon calendar with you.

Tonight will be the Wolf Moon at 7.21pm (UK time), other names for it are the Old Moon & Ice Moon. However the 2020 Wolf Moon is no ordinary one, this year it coincides with a “penumbral eclipse”.

There is a few things you can do to thrive off of the energies from the full moon:

Charge your crystals

Cleanse your crystals with sage, palo santo or even water (check that none of your crystals are water soluble) & place them in the moon light to charge with the full moon energies.

Charge your tools

Follow the steps above, but for the other tools you use in your practices.

Cleanse your space

You can cleanse your space, whether that’s your entire home, your bedroom, a special place in your home like your alter or work space with sage or palo santo.

Make some moon water

Moon water is great for doing spell work & even drinking yourself. Simply fill containers with water from your taps & leave them to charge in the moon light.

Do a full moon ritual

There are many different full moon rituals that you can carry out but here is one that we like to do ourselves.

  1. Create a sacred space.
  2. meditate & invision a whtie lgiht washing over you. filling you with joy & washing away any negativity.
  3. Light a candle & place two bowls infront of you, one filled with water.
  4. Write a letter with all the things you wish to let go.
  5. Light the paper with the candle & place into bowl to let it burn.
  6. Cleanse your hands with the bowl of water & sit in silence for 2-3 mins enjoying being free from unwanted things.


The full moon is a great time to get reaslly clear on your thoughts & there is nothing better than meditation to do that. You can do this is whatever way you feel works best for you.

Spell work

People do there own spell work in there own ways, there is no right & wrong but with the extra energy & power that the full moon brings, it is a great time to carry out any spell work you’d like to do.

Plant, dream, set intentions

Planting any herbs etc… getting clear on your dreams & setting your intentions is great to do under a full moon because again you can harness all those extra energies that surround the full moon.

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