honey magic

Overnight Honey Magic

Honey has so many uses, it could quite possibly be one of the most versitile natural products in the beauty industry.


Exfoliate your lips & apply a thin layer of honey on your lips before going to bed. You’re guaranteed to wake up with super soft lips.


Apply honey to the affected area, cover & leave overnight, then rinse with water in the morning.

Split Ends

Mix some honey with olive oil, apply to the ends of your hair & leave overnight. Wash out in the morning.

Glowing Skin

Mix one part honey with two parts aloe vera gel & apply to your face before bed to leave overnight.

Lighten Hair

Mix honey with chamomile tea. Spray through your hair, cover & leave overnight.


Apply honey to the scar & leave overnight.


Mix honey with lemon juice & apply to the affected areas.

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