How We Create A Formulation

When Potions N Lotions sets out to create your formulation, we will ask you a few questions to begin with. Things such as, what is the final aim of this product? i.e. should it be anti-aging, suitable for extra sensitive skin etc…

Once finishing your consultation we will then move onto creating the mock formula, this involves us pulling out our recipe books & extensive research into ingredients that we have built up over a period of time from experimenting & creating a mock recipe for your formulation.

We will then create a physical version of the formulation & continue working on this until we are 100% happy with for the formulation ourselves.

Once we have created the ‘final’ formulation we will then create an intensive list of ingredients & their benefits, along with a basic price breakdown for wholesale costs, if you choose to buy your final product from us.

We will then send you the sample product for your feedback & see if there is any tweaks or changes you would like to make, as this is your product after all, we need you too think it is perfect & be exactly what you want.

Tweaks will be made, another sample product will be sent to yourself with the benefits of any added ingredients & we will keep doing this until we have the perfect formualtion.

After this we then move onto the next phase which is the assessment phase, this it what makes your product legal! Without this phase you will not be able to sell your product.

At Potions N Lotions we handle everything for you so you don’t have to worry about the extensive paperwork that comes along with a cosmetic assessment or the mindfield of uploading your product to the cosmetic portal.

After completeing the legal part you can also come back to us to get your wholesale product, where we can either send it to you in a bulk about for you to package or we can package & label everything for you, however you would like it to create a final sellable product for you.

Each time we make a batch of products we will set intentions as we make them & charge them with those intentions to give them extra healing powers. As well as cleansing our space before hand to make sure no negative energies are absorbed.

Then it is over to you to sell the product, but we will also share any before & after pictures that we have from our own trials with you & you will have a list of the key selling points of the product.